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Curriculum Overview

Teaching and Learning Outcomes

Over the history of the program, many alumni have been promoted or have moved to progressively more responsible leadership roles at other institutions, working cooperatively within and across institutions. There are many ways in which the members of each cohort take away important skills and career-long connections:

Leading Change

A highlight of the institute is the distinguished guests who join us to talk candidly about their journeys and career paths and share their individual stories. The relaxed, conversational nature of the interaction and the time they spend talking individually with participants is one of the most important features of the experience. CLIR Institutes New Zealand will feature speakers from New Zealand, including New Zealanders in high-level positions overseas, and North America.

Interactive Learning

Over the course of the week, participants will have the rare opportunity to connect with guest speakers representing a wide variety of institutional leadership roles (e.g., department heads, administrators, finance officers, presidents, and CEOs). The confidential, trusted environment of the CLIR Institutes enables speakers and participants to converse frankly with one another about challenges, thought processes, and the hard decisions leaders face in their careers.

Network Building

Participants work individually, jointly, and in small teams with one another, the deans, and the speakers throughout the week, engaging in numerous problem-solving and cohort-building activities. Through this shared experience, they form strong bonds with new colleagues and relationships that will long outlast the weeklong institute.

International Network

Following the institute, participants become part of a robust alumni network consisting of more than 800 people (concentrated in North America, but with many members also located in Europe, Africa, and the Pacific Nations).

Online Conversations

Alumni support one another through discussion boards and regular online conversations. Those who participate in CLIR Institutes New Zealand will have their own private discussion board and following the institute will also be granted access to a discussion board with all program alumni. In addition to the discussion boards, the deans host regular conversations (currently held via Zoom) for alumni. Calls open to all program alumni are generally held monthly. For a full year following CLIR Institutes New Zealand, participants in that institute will also have the opportunity to participate in additional monthly conversations exclusive to their cohort.

Cross-Institutional Projects

New—or strengthened—relationships formed during the CLIR Institutes among participants from across institutions will facilitate cooperation both within and beyond the individual organizations and institutions by building a new network whose members can share expertise and innovative thinking. Participants will come away with fresh project ideas for incremental change towards the issues that are central for their home institutions and concepts to support new types of partnerships with fellow institutions.

Individual Mentoring

Both during the institute and thereafter, the deans make themselves available to participants and alumni in an individual mentoring capacity.

equity, Diversity, and inclusion

Fostering equity, diversity, inclusion, access, and belonging are central to each of the CLIR Institutes. We are working to recruit members of diverse communities to attend and be distinguished guests at the Institutes recognizing that bi- and multiculturalism will be critical components of our workshops in New Zealand.


Participants will become part of the growing cohort whose members discuss and become change agents for evolving capacities towards making a significant impact on societal challenges. This will include developing new ways of thinking, adopting strategic design rather than rigid planning, and looking outside existing “models.”

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