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Alumni Reflect

The Leading Change Institute was first formed as the Frye Leadership Institute in 2000. In 2012, CLIR and EDUCAUSE implemented a new curriculum and program based more on conversation and with a greater emphasis on student projects. In 2013, the new program was renamed the Leading Change Institute. Here, we post reflections from alumni of both the Frye Leadership Institute and the LCI. Click any of the photos to hear their experiences.

Gayleen Gray​, LCI 2016

"Elliott and Joanne are inspiring, really ferocious leaders."

Dale Askey, Frye 2012

"An opportunity to get outside the box of the library ."

Andrew Treloar, Frye 2005

"The formative professional development experience of my career."

Allan Chen​, LCI 2014

"LCI gives you leadership insight in a different way and from a different perspective."

Susan Lafferty​​, Frye 2003

"I learnt not to tell a story from my point of view but to tell a story in a way that engages [my listener]."

Kevin Ashford-Rowe​, LCI 2012

"A terrific chance to meet a group of peers who will become your co-leaders."

Ursula Byrne, LCI 2019

"It broadened my professional sphere"

Tara Hughes​, LCI 2019

"Expansive topics and tough conversations with both a critical and empathic lens."

Clare McKenzie​, LCI 2019

"I came away knowing that I do have a place at the leadership table."

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